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Serving the underwriting sector at ground level

Our Value Proposition

Efficiency is our main value proposition.

Let’s do some basic math: if every underwriter in a company can save an hour a day from having a more efficient workflow, better data and easy to produce management reports, you could be saving about 200 human hours per person each year., For an £80,000 a year underwriter this is an annual saving of £8,791.21, multiply this by how many underwriters the company has… you do the math!

We apply this philosophy to all our services: consultancy, training and coaching, software development and research. Our training programmes, for example, allow insurance professionals from all areas to understand each other. This improves communication and collaboration, ultimately saving time.

Why was MatBlas founded?

MatBlas was created to serve the underwriting sector at ground level.

In 2007 I decided to set up a consultancy where I could exclusively do the work I enjoyed the most: providing underwriters the tools and systems that generate data and analytics that allow them to better monitor the performance of their books and make timely informed decisions; to know when to say yes and when to say no.

Since 2007 we have helped hundreds of underwriters improve their workflow, create a consistent pricing framework, generate big data and better understand and present their numbers.

We would love to help you too. Get in touch to book a no-obligation appointment to explore how we can help you transform your business processes.


We help clients to:

Better understand and present their numbers, where they are in the cycle and the possible strategies available to them to achieve their business plans.

Better present their data internally and externally, particularly when placing a programme with a partner or reinsurer or when seeking additional capacity for new or existing products.

Create efficient workflows with single data entry point and single source of management data that tell a consistent story.

Better capture their data at the point of sale.


Create sets of consistent benchmarks for their technical pricing models.

Price and model some their largest or key accounts at renewal, and present the results during the negotiation and placement process.

Better understand the technical aspects of actuarial work and how all aspects are linked throughout the management cycle from pricing to reporting to reserving to business planning.

Our Founder – ANA J. MATA, PhD, ACAS

The Common Sense Actuary

In the past years, some clients have introduced me as a “famous pricing actuary” for being a frequent speaker at events and author of a number of papers; some as a “pioneer” for being the first one to set up pricing standards and models for them and some as a “legend” for the awards I have received.

For me I am a common sense actuary. I like solving real life problems with practical solutions, I like working hands on alongside clients implementing mathematically consistent and robust pricing frameworks, models and systems while maintaining the practical and commercial aspects unique to the insurance industry. I like getting things done and seeing the benefit it brings to clients. Staying engaged by clients on an ongoing basis gives me the privilege to see first-hand the impact our work has on their day to day operations.

I never promise clients that doing this or doing that would make their products more profitable; unfortunately I cannot forecast the future, after all, events are random and disaster can strike at any time. What I do promise is that having a consistent pricing framework and better data would allow them to dig deeper, dice and slice their portfolios looking at cause and effect and rectify, redesign and redirect their strategy as and when required.

If what we offer appeals to you and could benefit your organisation, get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Ana J. Mata, PhD, ACAS
Managing Director & Actuary,
Founder of MatBlas Ltd

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