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Why We Do What We Do


At MatBlas we know that the most valuable irreplaceable asset you have is time, it cannot be bought, it cannot be replaced, it cannot be created.

About Us

Why We Do What We Do

At MatBlas we know that the most valuable irreplaceable asset you have is time, it cannot be bought, it cannot be replaced, it cannot be created. An hour gone is gone. Forever. Yet highly skilled insurance professionals spend endless hours doing repetitive processes that often require the same data to be entered two or three times in systems that are not synchronised and at the end of the day the data required is incomplete, faulty, and often inexistent.

How much is each hour of the day worth to an underwriter? To the company as a whole? How many opportunities are missed because there is not sufficient time and resources to pursue new opportunities or to innovate?

How much is this costing your company right now?

At MatBlas we believe that good underwriting management and diversification are and will always be the cornerstone of an insurance company’s success. We believe that good underwriting management is largely common sense supported by consistent data.

We are the specialist pricing and underwriting management consultancy that works with clients who want to create consistency and efficiency in their underwriting and pricing workflow. Processes that once took five days to complete have been streamlined to a few hours. Reports that took days of data cleansing to be completed, now take hours with a more robust database. Data that were never captured becomes available simply by pressing a button.

What this means for clients is that they have the information they need faster and are able to make timely underwriting and strategic decisions; freeing invaluable hours of their day to pursue new business opportunities.

Invaluable for the “modern” underwriting world!

Richard Bryant

Ark Syndicate Management

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– Albert Einstein

While most actuarial consultancies focus on high level aspects of the business (capital modelling, risk management and reserving) often involving C-level executives, since 2007 we have chosen to work at the forefront with the producers of the business: underwriters, managing agents and brokers facing daily challenges of a highly competitive insurance market.

We believe that when an efficient workflow is in place at ground level and the correct data are collected at the point of underwriting (from brokers to agents to underwriters), everything else (reporting, reserving, risk management and capital modelling) will systematically fall in place.

From presenting, designing and negotiating insurance and reinsurance programmes, to deciding what segments of the business are worth pursuing in a challenging market, to helping clients find additional capacity for existing and new products, to creating end-to-end pricing frameworks and systems, we roll our sleeves to help clients achieve their business objectives.

Based in London we serve clients worldwide.

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.
– John W. Gardner

When you work with us to transform and modernise your business the only regret you will have is to have waited this long.

Are you committed to making the changes to move your business forward?

Then why not get in touch today? Why wait? We would love to hear about your projects, your vision for your business and to discuss how you could benefit from our years of hands on pricing expertise.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.
– Chinese Proverb

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