As a highly recognised pricing actuary in the market, our Managing Director and Founder Ana Mata is frequently invited to speak at market events and conferences. In November 2018 she delivered a Masterclass for the London Market Association Academy on Demystifying Basic Statistical Concepts Used within the Insurance Industry.

The feedback received was extremely positive so we decided to make available a recorded version of that Masterclass for those who could not attend and for colleagues who live abroad.

The course starts by defining the key components of a probability model and builds up to the concept of the expected value, percentiles, Value-at-Risk (VaR) and the so-called 1-in-X event within the context of pricing and capital modelling.

Throughout the course the concepts are illustrated with simple examples related to premium rating and capital requirements.

The course is available free of charge to mark our 12th anniversary and to say thank you to our clients and colleagues for the lasting partnerships we have built over the years. Thank you for your trust.

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About Matblas

MatBlas was created to serve the underwriting sector at ground level.

MatBlas is the leading company that help insurance professionals from all areas of the business to broaden their quantitative skills by providing timeless technical courses that allow them to understand how all the areas of the business are connected: pricing, reserving, reporting, reinsurance and risk modelling.

We provide general and bespoke group courses as well as one to one coaching to C-level executives that help them better interpret the results presented by actuaries in a number of reports.

Since 2007 we have trained over 4,000 insurance professionals. Visit out testimonials page to see what delegates have said about our courses.

If you would like to find out more about the services we currently offer, get in touch, we would love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy this course!

Invaluable for the “modern” underwriting world!

Richard Bryant

Ark Syndicate Management