Research and Development

We enjoy walking the less travelled road between industry and academia

Research & Development

At MatBlas we believe that to find the right answers all we have to do is ask the right questions.

Ana Mata receiving the Brian Hey Prize at the IFoA awards dinner April 2017.

Our quest for answers never ends; we enjoy walking the less travelled road between academia and practice.
We are constantly questioning the status quo, we are never set in our ways. Are there theoretical techniques that have not been implemented in practice? What can we implement from the academic world and what can we teach academics from the practical world?

We are appointed by clients to carry out research for them to find solutions to practical problems. Our unique set of analytical skills and research experience combined with years of practical expertise make us your ideal partner for research projects.

If your company has a research project that you would like to discuss with us, simply get in touch, we would love to hear what’s in your mind, what idea you are toying with but can’t nail a solution.

Participation in recent working parties

Ana Mata, our Managing Director and Founder is and has been an active participant of the following working parties:

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Publications and Presentations

Here’s a list of publications and presentations