MatBlas is an international insurance and actuarial consultancy company dedicated to simplifying insurance company’s workflow. Our solutions eliminate wasteful repetition of manual input focusing on each specific client’s workflow and ensuring integration of systems and databases and automation of management reports. Thus underwriters enter information just once.

“A benchmark insurance rating model without a database is simply a sophisticated calculator; the same could be achieved with pen, paper and a handheld calculator” (Ana J. Mata, Managing Director)

While we cannot claim that our clients’ profitability can be directly attributable to the rating models we developed for them, we believe that a streamlined process can save companies at least 30% of the time spent processing data. If time is money, our solutions indirectly provide more resources at no extra cost to focus on what they do best: underwrite and seek opportunities.

In the last few years we have developed more pricing models for London Market companies than any other consultancy firm, including models for:

  • Casualty: General and Employers’ Liability primary and excess, Medical Malpractice including Hospitals, PI/E&O, D&O and FI for USA, UK and the rest of the world.
  • Marine Hull all risks, including Yachts.
  • Energy Onshore and Offshore.
  • Reinsurance pricing models and benchmarks across all the above classes.
Our solutions allow clients to create consistency, facilitate processing and workflow with single data entry and to consistently gather and aggregate useful information collected at the time of pricing and underwriting.

If you are interested in these or other consulting services please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular needs.

Underwriting management and rating solutions
“A rating model should be a tool in the underwriting process rather than the definitive answer” (Ana J. Mata, Managing Director)

We work directly with clients in the design, implementation and testing of rating models and benchmarks for existing or new lines of business. Using clients' loss experience we stress test rating factors against the required levels of profitability for reasonableness.

Our integrated pricing/underwriting solutions help clients eliminates wasteful repetition on manual input while improving their reporting capabilities on benchmarking, price adequacy, rate monitoring and new vs. renewal price differentials.

Rate Reviews
We understand our clients' need to strike the right balance between growth and profitability. Through rate reviews we not only help our clients assess the overall rate adequacy of their book of business, but we also rebalance their existing rating factors (base rates, classification factors, deductibles and increased limits factors) to achieve the desired levels of profitable growth.

Reinsurance pricing support
We work closely with treaty underwriters in determining adequate rate levels on a wide variety of treaties including US and non-USA property and casualty. We have reinsurance clients based in London, Bermuda and the USA who benefit from our wealth of experience in the reinsurance market.

Reinsurance purchase
Comparing the spectrum of reinsurance options can be a challenging exercise. Besides, there is often a gap between the ideal reinsurance structure and those available in the market. Using clients' business plans we assist them in analysing the broad range of reinsurance options available to them from both the gross and net perspective. We use probabilistic distributions to look at all possible outcomes of the gross and net underwriting results.

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